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What is a glove that is chosen,
loved and used by players repeatedly?

It has been 35 years since I started this challenge and always searching for the best glove possible.
Baseball gloves are made of animal leather and every glove is different from one another even among the same model.
A new glove that is completed as product and shipped out from factory obtains soul as player uses to become ultimate glove of its own for the player.
A glove that unifies with player's hand to catch ball as intended evolves endlessly just like ever-changing baseball rules.

Evolving glove is full of improvements with clues gathered from baseball ground and that popped in mind when observing players playing in the games.
A movement which is often said "hold glove horizontally" when in defense cannot be proceeded smoothly if logic in theory and glove catching ball are not appropriately linked or coordinated.
Appropriate angle between ground and glove is the point for player actions. There are products that sell way over imagination in result of thorough renewal based on mass data analyses and player investigations.

I have created all kinds of gloves until today including models: which top priority is to reliably handle different kinds of ball whether hit or thrown; or which are initially custom made based on requests by top professionals then optimized for general players. I have made more than 2 million gloves but still feel the necessity to visit ballparks and continue researching. It is the pride of "Nishijima" engrave to be chosen by players for high quality gloves instead of us choosing which players should use our gloves.

World Pegasus, which was founded in 1965, will continue to devote and challenge without any excuses to make the highest quality brand of baseball gloves that will be loved and supported by baseball players around the world.
World Pegasus Craftsman Tadahiro Nishijima


Special order

Kuwata Masumi Special Order Model

Active player Mr.Kuwata uses this Pitcher-Infielder combined glove in the game.

Insistence on Pitcher -Infielder combined glove
・Active player Mr. Kuwata, who plays both pitcher and infield position, uses this smaller size (SIZE 8) glove than normal size with aiming good operability.
Insistence on Leather
・Tan, natural leather color
・Mr.Kuwata recommends special flexibility of WAGYU leather (Japanese cattle leather) which is originally developed by World Pegasus Japan, Inc
Insistence on Frontage
・Only this Kuwata Masumi Special Order Model with wide frontage DA (Double Action pocket) realizes Mr.Kuwata’s insistence of sense of catching baseball.
Wide frontage DA
(Double Action pocket)
Wing Tip back style
WAGYU leather (Japanese cattle leather) engraved
Grand Pegasus

Grand Pegasus

The top series which material selection and design were implemented around seeking ideal to aim the top-level at different stages of playing

・design that makes smooth transitions from caching ball to throwing the ball possible to manage different actions
・controlling deformation due to everyday heavy usage is considered
・developed tanned leather by own recipe from well selected fresh Japanese cattle leather from Asahikawa, Hokkaido (hardball baseball)
Overseen by Craftsman Nishijima Model
Gloves which planning, development and quality are checked by Nishijima himself, passed the inspection and "Nishijima" brand is engraved.
T.H.W. (Thumb Hold Wrap) thumb structure
T.H.W. (Thumb Hold Wrap) thumb structure with adopted "Thumb holding string single structure" after series of improvements made by Craftsman Nishijima in 2002 is loaded.
Energy is conveyed to the tip of thumb without loss because thumb itself gets fixed on the line of thumb hanger and thumb core with this model.
Because thumb holding string (blue lace in the photos) itself is a single structure, the string is easily changed when lace in the pocket surface is worn out or damaged. Past change of pocket lace or heal lace is unnecessary and effective in controlling deformation.
Flat appearance in front with reinforcement in back
Wear out is reduced by thickness adjustment.
Grand Devil

Grand Devil

The series for players looking one-step ahead which smooth transition from junior high school baseball to high school baseball is considered

・retains durability for both new softball baseball and hardball baseball
・weight is put on "able to catch ball anytime to start with" and deeper palm shape is designed that allows widely open palm.
set up to be able to handle ever increasing batted ball speed due to bat performance improvement
・pocket location is considered to catch grounder despite deeper design
Thumb hanger long band style
Just as for hardball baseball, angle of thumb core adjustment is easily done and wear out of the part where thumb contacts is changeable because it is a separate part.
Hard hit ball can be handled as thumb core is fixed.
Flat appearance in front with reinforcement in back
Wear out is reduced by thickness adjustment.
Field Master

Field Master

A model which spec can be adjusted to softball or hardball depending on game style for beginner or leisure player

<For hardball>
・weight is put on deeper design for firm catch and durability for everyday heavy usage is retained
・made for hardball baseball beginner, softball player and softball baseball player
<For softball>
・spec which can be used right away as made of flexible leather with pocket
・for elementary school player or general player with less frequent use as made of flexible leather
Thumb hanger long band style
Just as for hardball baseball, angle of thumb core adjustment is easily done and wear out of the part where thumb contacts is changeable because it is a separate part.
Hard hit ball can be managed as thumb core is fixed.
Flat appearance in front with reinforcement in back
Wear out is reduced by thickness adjustment.


Kuwata Masumi
Glove advisor Kuwata Masumi
Played as ace from freshman in famous baseball high school, PL Gakuen High School
Played in Koshien for five consecutive seasons and became champion twice. Joined Yomiuri Giants as top draft pick in 1986. Played as ace for a long time and won 173 games in lifetime.
Obtained titles such as Sawamura Award, MVP, Best Nine, Highest ERA and Most Strikeout. Announced to challenge playing in Major League in 2006 and made the first mound appearance in Pittsburgh Pirates in 2007.
Has been visiting cities all around Japan for talk show and baseball lesson, as well as writing, researching in post graduate program, acting as baseball commentary, after retirement from playing baseball.
Has been re-assessed as glove advisor in World Pegasus since 2018 where his favorite glove was made and had taken up an advisor position during the playing days. Has been engaging in glove development with his tremendous amount of knowledge and his original baseball theory.
Bat advisor Arai Yukio
Played in Yokohama Commercial High School and Nippon Oil Corporation while being amateur, and won the gold medal as fourth batter for Japan team in Los Angeles Olympics in 1984.
Joined Yakult Swallows as second draft pick in 1986. Accomplished batting average of 0.301 during the second year and obtained title of rookie of the year. Contributed in Japan Series in 1992.
Later transferred to Kintetsu Buffalos and Yokohama Baystars, retired in 2000, and coached Tokyo Yakult Swallows, Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters and Yomiuri Giants.
Currently coaching children in Giants Academy.
Arai Yukio
Nishijima Tadahiro
Product Meister Nishijima Tadahiro
school and university hardball baseball; and joined ASICS Corporation in 1983.
Planned and developed glove full-time after working as sales headquarter staff for Rawlings*, the famous American baseball brand which ASICS Corporation had a license agreement at the time.
Later engaged in planning and development of mainly glove and also other products, then transferred to Rawlings Japan LLC after the license agreement expired and continued planning and developing as core member.
Joined World Pegasus in mid-2017 and has been planning and developing all 2018 products except a few.
* Rawlings is a trademark of Rawlings Sporting Goods Company Incorporation.